Frequently Asked Questions


Digital Antenna

How Does WatchFreeTV Work?

WatchFreeTV is a device that picks up digital broadcast signals, aggregates their content, and presents it to the viewer in much the same way that normal television would. The big difference is that WatchFreeTV is free (hence the name). The programming provided through WatchFreeTV is monitored and orchestrated by our team to ensure that you receive consistent high quality.

What Channels Will I Receive?

As a general rule, WatchFreeTV will give you all satellite television channels. This does not include basic cable. The exact list of channels that you will be able to pick up will depend on your location, but rest assured that there never be any shortage of options at your disposal. To learn more about what exact channels you will be able to watch from your home, get in touch with us today! 

Will WatchFreeTV Work With Any TV?

WatchFreeTV is compatible with any type of television, so long as there is an Antenna IN or Cable IN port on the back. Generally, this should include any TV sold during or after 2007.

If you bought your televisions before 2007, check your menu for an option related to scanning for digital channels. As you are looking, keep an eye out for the letters “ATSC.” If your television is not equipped with an ARSC tuner, then you will need to purchase an additional converter box.

Beyond that, the only other thing you need in order to use WatchFreeTV is a working internet connection!

Is WatchFreeTV Compatible With TiVo/DVR?

Yes, WatchFreeTV works with both TiVo and DVR, so you will be able to watch your programming at any time, in high definition.

Can I Use An Extension Cable With WatchFreeTV?

Yes, if you want to move your WatchFreeTV Box to a different room, you can buy an extension cable to make that happen.

What About An Amplifier?

Again, the answer is yes. You are free to add an amplifier to your WatchFreeTV Box at any point to improve signal strength.

How Does The Picture Quality Compare With Cable TV?

Normally, cable television signals are compressed (which means that they are made smaller) in order provide you with a higher number of options. However, this boost in quantity comes at the expense of quality. Compression degrades picture quality, but when you use WatchFreeTV, you can get HD satellite signals that will put cable television to shame. Of course, not everything will be HD through WatchFreeTV, but our baseline picture quality is far superior to anything you’ll be able to get through cable programming.

Is WatchFreeTV Legal?

Yes! We get this question from time to time, and the answer is that WatchFreeTV is 100% legal. Don’t worry!